The Toronto Feral Cat Coalition saves the lives of cats just like me.

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Our coalition group members work tirelessly

for the feral cat cause by seeking funding,

sponsoring programs, petitioning government

for improved legislation, etc.


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We educate through

training workshops, spay / neuter clinics

and teaching people how to

build feral cat shelters.


I'll Help

You can help us help Toronto feral cats

by volunteering, making a financial donation,

giving a gift of compassion, or by

joining our Yahoo Caretaker Group.

In 2017/2018 nearly ten years after its inception, the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition (the Coalition) produced a report documenting its delivery of services to residents of Toronto who care for feral cats. We would like to extend our thanks to Toronto City Council, Toronto City staff and the supporters and volunteers of all our Coalition member groups for making this work for the community possible.